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Lost Books of Kingdom Hearts
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Welcome to the Lost Books of Kingdom Hearts. *spooky voice*

It is here that we, the mere users, write down the tracts of Kingdom Hearts as they were not told before.

In reality, this is a sort of mock Bible for Kingdom Hearts. In no way is this supposed to be taken seriously, but it is supposed to be a lot of fun. *waggles eyebrows* So, got a good psalm? Maybe a good rule, or a suggested commandment? Don't be afraid to share. Really.

Rules, because this is a mandatory part of the community, yo.
1. Posts are MODERATED. Why? Because they are supposed to be generally FUNNY and IMITATIVE of the BIBLE. I mean, we want all those other religions to take us seriously, right? n_n
2. You're welcome to comment on the entries, but don't be a troll. I will ban you, kapeesh?
3. Be respectful, and try to remember that this is for fun and we are in no way serious. A little obsessed with Kingdom Hearts? Maybe.

That said, this profile will get prettier as I get, well, more imaginative. SO will our dear community!