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Like the red text section at the front of the Bible. :P - Lost Books of Kingdom Hearts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lost Books of Kingdom Hearts

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Like the red text section at the front of the Bible. :P [Jul. 8th, 2006|03:26 pm]
Lost Books of Kingdom Hearts


And the prophet Raina came unto the huddled denizens of Kingdom Fandom, and they did greet her with much joyfulness for she promised to be the voice of sanity in the chaos of the world surrounding them. And the prophet did speak unto them the wise words of Moderatorship and of the Great Rules that were set not to hinder, but to help the denizens of Kingdom Fandom become more than their separate parts, to speak with one voice the Common Sense that would set them far from the Fanon.

And the great prophet did speak unto them, "The number of Community Rules shall be FOUR. No more, no less - excepting sticking to fucking common sense. Four is the number thou shalt count and the number of the counting shall be four. Five, shalt thou not count, neither count thou three, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Six is right out. Once the number four, being the fourth number, be reached, thou shalt have read of the rules and then, being good in thy Mickey's sight, thou shalt live.

ONE. That thou remember that parody this community is, and parody shall be upheld, for thy speech shall reach the ears of King Mickey and he shall be pleased. That is, he shall be pleased if thy speech is of flowing and powerful tongue, and thou shalt remember that netspeak is the way of the devious and seductive Fanon and is therefore banned from thy paradise of Kingdom Fandom.

TWO. While it is not necessary for thou to preach upon the evils inherent in the world of fanfiction and fanart, thou mayst do so in the name of thy Kingdom Fandom and in defense thereof.

THREE. Thou shall remember that the monster Fanon lurks 'round every corner and poised to snatch unwary Fans in the grasp of horrors. Be wary, ye Fans, so that your own mind is not caught by this demon of the Evil Pit of Despair. Not true to the Rede of Fans thou shall be then, and cast unto the Evil Pit you may find yourself.

FOUR. Thy Ten Commandments shall not be decided upon by solely one, unless that sole one is to be King Mickey. You denizens of Kingdom Fandom shalt discuss and agree to thy Ten Commandments, and they shall be seen in the eyes of the King, and they shall be good.

And Raina did look down on the faces turned to her, full of trust, and smiled, for she knew they did understand the rules and promised to uphold them. For they knew if they did not, the Son of Mickey would appear and kick their asses, and Raina would weild the Modly Bat of Power against the transgressors and they would be the worse for it.

thank you, tairako!

From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-19 10:57 pm (UTC)
Not to offend the wonderful folk here, but POST SOMETHING ALREADY!!!! You're letting your comm die! I mean, ANYTHING would work!! What about a parody of Job? "I've lost my characterization, my sexuality... but I *won't* lose faith in Mickey!"

Why not something about how "thou shalt not make Marluxia femenine"?
Or maybe "thou shalt not forget Mickey's deciples, the Disney folk"?

ANYTHING!!! Come ON, post already!
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[User Picture]From: kaboom
2006-09-03 04:41 am (UTC)
Look, Nonnymouse- if you're SO hellbent on trying to get us to post, get your own damn account! o_o It's free, it's easy, and it'll save you money on car insurance.

THEN you can nag us to post all you want.
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